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bullet Ship Time Table and Rates: You can now buy on-line from this web-site. Items stocked in house ship within 24 to 48 hours. Items stocked in your warehouses are shipped in 60 to 72 hours. All shipping rates are for within 48 States of the U.S.A., all off shore and International are higher and are added to your order less the US shipping and charged to your bankcard as the new shipping rate.                                              

All items are new and in their original boxes, except where noted.

bulletMinimum Purchase: There is NO-MINIMUM Purchase REQUIRED per Order.
bulletCaution: This  Web Site is Self Serve.
bulletInternational Orders: Sorry we are not set-up for International Orders at this time. Thank you.
bulletStock Column: Y = Yes, 2 or more of an item in stock. 1 = There is only 1 of this item in stock. N or W = There is no stock, this item must be ordered from warehouse. N/A = Not Available.
bullet Credit Card Orders: On Credit Card Orders the Billing Address MUST be the same as the Shipping Address.  If not your order will not be Processed.
bulletPayment Options: Money Orders and Bank Checks are Welcome.


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